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  • 24 July 2023

Another great exhibition by 3 talented Brae artists, Helen Robertson, Helen Balfour and Ewen Balfour. A mixture of beautiful jewellery, etc by Helen R, dramatic photos and lino prints by Helen B plus Ewen's kishies, baskets and a bag. Many items for sale

Helen Robertson is inspired by Shetland's rich heritage and natural environment and enjoys exploring new techniques in jewellery making and knitting.  She is known for her innovation in knitting - both exploring new materials and developing new techniques.  This exhibition features her wire lace knitting, both in the lamps and jewellery and a hat displaying her Fizzy Fair Isle technique!  The Cockleshawl and Tree of Life shawl were both designed by Helen.

Helen Balfour has an interest in Shetland's rich heritage traditions which is reflected in her studies, as she graduated from University of Aberdeen in 2022 with a Masters degree in Social Anthropology.  As part of her dissertation she made her first kishie in 2020, learning from her father Ewen.  Her inspiration has been pulled from the textures created by these heritage skills and from the dramatic scenery in South Georgia.  Helen recently worked in South Georgia Museum and is looking forward to returning there in October to take up a post as curatorial intern.  She has also worked in Shetland Museum and Archives.

Ewen Balfour made his first kishie in the winter of 1996 when he attended a class run by Lowrie Copeland at the North Roe Primary School.  As a Shetlander, he knew that kishies existed and he was very interested in learning how to make them and was keen to learn.  As time has gone on this has developed into growing and gathering all materials, making baskets, demonstrating and teaching how to make kishies and baskets.  He has exhibited his work throughout the UK and further afield, travelling to the mainland UK, Denmark and USA demonstrating and generally enlightening the world to the existence of kishies. 




The local Yell Community helps to raise funds, and although admission to the museum is free, donations are always very welcome.

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