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  • 04 September 2023

This exhibition features amazing lace knitting by many Yell residents. From traditional knits to new variations. It includes a winning entry from this year's Yell Show. It runs until the Old Haa closes on 1st October.


4 September – 1 October 2023


This exhibition has been curated by the Arts Group of the Old Haa to celebrate Shetland lace knitting.  The exhibition will run for a 4 week period including Shetland Wool Week which is 23 September – 1 October.

It features items from the Old Haa collection and items loaned by skilled local knitters for the exhibition.  Some items are also for sale and the tags indicate whether the item is for sale or not and features the knitter’s name.  Most items have been recently knitted but some are historical and are from the 50’s and 60’s.

Some of the items are knitted from fine lace wool, jumper weight wool, Foula wool, hand spun wool and cotton and all feature lace knitting designs.

There is a selection of books on the table with lace patterns and designs which you are very welcome to look at.

We would greatly appreciate that you do not handle any of the items on display.

Grateful thanks to all those knitters and lenders who have contributed items, we couldn’t hold the exhibition without you.



The local Yell Community helps to raise funds, and although admission to the museum is free, donations are always very welcome.

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