The Garden

This lovely, sheltered space has been carefully landscaped and tended over the years and is now a well-established, walled haven of peace and beauty.

It can be enjoyed from the seating area or the walkways, there are picnic tables where you can relax and enjoy your tea and cakes in the Shetland sunshine.

There are pleasant areas where children can play.  The walkways allow you to wander at will while you enjoy a large variety of flowers and plants and the ambience all adds to a very relaxing experience.

The garden sites the Inuksuit Statues, built by a local builder and the project was led by local artist, Mike McDonnell.  These were developed as a geology project with the children from the Burravoe Primary School.  This is linked to Geopark Shetland, which uses our geological heritage to provide sustainable economic benefits to the isles. The project made use of the diverse rocks of Yell to create Inukshuk figures. The pupils from Burravoe Primary School produced a book to go with them, and there is an opportunity to look at some of the children’s work and to study the different stones in the Natural History Room.


The local Yell Community helps to raise funds, and although admission to the museum is free, donations are always very welcome.

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